Buildings and Grounds

The mission of the Buildings and Grounds Department is to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.


Visiting Our Schools

All visitors, including parents/guardians and volunteers, entering District 68 schools must check in directly at the main entrance by presenting a driver’s license or state ID to be run through a visitor management system, prior to receiving a visitor name badge and lanyard.  No exceptions will be made.  The visitor name badge and lanyard must be worn at all times while in the building and returned to the office on departure.  The ID card will be returned to the visitor at that time.

Additional instructions will be provided by individual schools during the year for entry into special events held during the school day, when many visitors are expected.             

Thank you for your cooperation to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our staff and students.

Building Rentals

School buildings and grounds may be made available for rental to responsible community organizations and activities, providing use does not interfere with District needs.  It is recognized that monies provided for the elementary education program should not be dissipated in a program of community activities, valuable though these activities may be.  School properties shall not be made available to enterprises organized for private profit, unless the facilities are to be used to offer educational or recreational activities which are judged by the Superintendent to provide worthwhile services to the community.  The Board reserves to itself the right to review, approve or restrict any contact for the rental of school facilities.

School events and maintenance requirements have preference in scheduling.  To insure that school events are scheduled first, outside activities are to be scheduled only tentatively until the annual school events calendar is complete.  Reservations are not accepted more than one year in advance.  Application for use of facilities is to be directed to the Business Office.  Use of grounds by outside groups is approved and scheduled by the Park District.

Building Rental Rules for Use

Building Rental Application

Asbestos Management

District 68 remains in compliance with State and Federal regulations pertaining to the inspection and maintenance of asbestos-containing building materials that are contained in the schools.  Inspections have verified that all areas remain safe.  Current plans to maintain these materials are available in school and District offices, where they may be inspected during normal business hours.


Structural and landscape pests can pose significant health hazards to people, property, and environment.  District 68 incorporates Integrated Pest Management procedures for control of pests to ensure the health and safety of children, staff, and all others using district buildings and grounds.  Integrated Pest Management is a method of pest management that addresses the prevention of pest problems through natural, nontoxic measures.  These measures include improved sanitation, the addition of physical barriers, and the modification of habitats that attract or harbor pests.  Integrated Pest Management relies primarily on nontoxic cultural and natural control agents in managing pests and only uses chemical pesticides when necessary.  When it is determined that a pesticide must be used, the least hazardous material and method of application will be chosen.  Parents who wish to be notified of the application of pesticides in the schools or on school grounds should register with the Director of Buildings and Grounds at

Contact Information

Ryan Berry
Chief School Business Official
Dave Petersen
Maintenance Supervisor
Miguel Aboytes
Devonshire Head Custodian
Lorenzo Verdugo
Highland Head Custodian
Rich Potempa
Jane Stenson Head Custodian
Jose Moreno
Old Orchard Head Custodian