Discussion Questions

Questions to discuss with your children:

  • What is bullying? How do you define it?
  • What is an Upstander?
  • Everyone deserves to feel safe at school. Does anyone deserve to be bullied?
  • How do you think other students who are bullied feel? 
  • Bullying is unacceptable. What positive things could you do to be an Upstander if you felt that someone was bullying you? What positive things could you do if you felt that someone else was being bullied?
  • At what point does conflict between students become bullying? 
  • What can parents do to help stop bullying?
  • Have you ever tried to help someone who was being bullied at school? What happened?
  • What adults do you trust at school to get help with bullying?
  • Have you or your friends left other kids out on purpose? Do you think that was bullying? Why or why not?

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