Looking for books in languages other than English? Try ICDL

Don't know what to read next? Use this page to help you!

1. What Should I Read Next?

Use this site to get quick recommendations from real readers when you type in a title or author! 
(NOTE: not all books are available in the OOJH library collection)

2. Skokie Public Library "Book Match" service

A librarian will customize a list of books for you based on your interests!

3. Try Destiny Discover!

Click on the webclip on your iPad, or click the link above. When you view a book's details, scroll down the bottom for additional recommendations.

4. "Reads of the Week"

Find out what Mrs. Schook just read and what she is currently reading.

5. Recommendations from friends, teachers, or OOJH library staff!


6. Read-alike Lists

​Curated book recommendations based on a specific type of book
("If you like this book....then read THESE books...")

This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.